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A few days ago I found out that Braydon and I were the top Re/max agent

contributors to the Children’s Miracle Network for Georgia in 2022.

We give in the honor of our clients on every sales transaction. Because of you,

and your unwavering support, we are able to help families in Augusta Georgia at

our local children’s hospital, AU.

I want to thank you all for choosing us to be your real estate agent, and thought

this would be a great time to share the “why” behind our choice to support this

great cause and to remind you that when you use us, your home is a Miracle


When Braydon was 7, he was admitted at what was then the Children’s Center at MCG. This was a newer facility to our area, and they saved Braydon’s life.

I remember vividly that first night before the exploratory surgery. He had a history of stomach pain, and had been to the ER multiple times in his young life with no answers as to why. Now, here we are again. This time was different, he had extreme pain that wouldn’t be contained with a maximum dose of morphine.

He cried all night long that he was dying and he had a hole in his stomach. With

the only knowledge the doctors had being there was some fluid spilling

somewhere internally, filling his abdomen, they planned exploratory surgery and

estimated an answer in 4-6 hours. The after care plan we expected was grim

based on initial options of what the fluid could be.

10-12 hours later, they came out and told us that Braydon had been born with a

duplicated small intestine. This had literally grown as he was growing and finally

punctured a hole through the lining of his stomach. His abdomen was filled with

blood internally from a hole in his stomach!

As you can imagine, we spent about 2 weeks in that hospital while he recovered.

What they do to support families and the children who have to stay there is

exceptional. They even had animal therapy for the children.

The end results are better than I could have imagined 20 years ago.

Today, we get to work together bringing the joy of home ownership to our friends

and clients.

Braydon has a gnarly scar. He has always joked it happened from a shark attack,

amazingly people believe him!

The bottom line is that we are MHP Augusta and that stands for Miracle Home

Partners. You have the opportunity to be a part of a local miracle everyday when

you choose us to be your Realtor.

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