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Welcome To Grovetown!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Welcome to Grovetown

Earlier this week, Augusta Business Daily shared an informative piece on the new hospital coming to Columbia County. This exciting news led me to consider the impact on local real estate near the hospital, which is underway in our fastest growing city around, Grovetown, Georgia.

Traditionally, those who work in the medical field want to live close to work. These professionals, residents specifically, sometimes work 80 hours a week. A hospital in today's Grovetown would be a desirable choice for medical professionals because the available housing within a 5 mile radius is excellent. For this skillful group, the less time spent on commuting, the greater chance of actually enjoying the little free time they have.

Within 5 miles of this new hospital, you can find an abundant choice of affordable housing. As of today, 315 homes are for sale. There are also several newer apartment communities found in this radius and of course, it’s hard to miss all the restaurants, grocery stores and the infamous road construction as well.

So what should we expect for the future of home values in this pocket of Grovetown?

Are you familiar with the “buy now” rating often posted besides a good stock option?

This is your “buy now” rating for the 5 mile radius surrounding the new hospital area!

Buy now, and I can not emphasize this any louder. As I mentioned earlier, there are currently 315 homes for sale near this new hospital site. If you google, "does living near a hospital increase property value?", you will get a resounding yes from the internet.

The highest priced home for sale in this area TODAY, is $899,000. It comes with over 16 acres of land, 2700 square feet of space and an attached 2 car garage. The current median price of a home for sale in this area is $334,000 and it has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2400 square feet.

Now, you may be wondering if this is a good area to buy in today or will I have to wait it out and risk buying a bad investment? The answer is simple, this is already a competitive and desirable area to buy a home! There are 248 homes in this radius pending sale, or already under contract.

There is affordable, residential new construction going up on almost every corner. We are seeing some of the most well known national builders starting communities near here, and we know they have chosen our area for a profitable reason.

If you are a long time local, it could be a hard sell to imagine living in Grovetown. Honestly, I have sold homes for people who wanted to get out of Grovetown because the traffic and infrastructure was unbearable. Good news for you, this 5 mile radius crosses over a little bit of West Augusta in Richmond county and also pulls in some Evans address locations.

Of course, in my professional opinion, all of our real estate is a wise investment in any direction due to the security found in our booming job market from Aiken to Thomson and everything in between! This specific opportunity is unique to this location because the demand for housing near the hospital will improve these values at a rapid rate once it’s completed.

I will leave you with one last thought, a hospital with 100 beds, like the new one in Grovetown will need approximately 600 full time staff and 300 part time staff. I believe the area will continue to explode with other medical professional offices, Augusta ENT already has an office nearly completed across the street. This will be a good thing for the surrounding area and for Columbia County, if you are in the market to buy, don’t miss out on Grovetown.

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