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Pickleball: A Phenomenon of Abundant Growth and Community Connection🎾

In my short lifetime, few activities have surged in popularity like pickleball. This fast-paced,

easy-to-learn game has taken communities by storm. It’s become so popular, a few of our

subdivisions have added their own courts directly supporting its abundant growth.

Do you know the story of how pickleball began? In the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island, a

picturesque location near Seattle, Washington, this sport was invented. Three fathers were

searching for a way to entertain their families. They improvised, playing a game combining

elements of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong using makeshift equipment. The game was

played on a converted badminton court, and the first paddles were crafted from plywood.

This whimsically named sport was said to be named after a family dog "Pickle" In the 1970s,

after gaining momentum, it found its way to all sorts of community centers across the United

States. The game's adaptability for players of various ages and skill levels contributed to its

widespread appeal.

While pickleball has been around for decades, it is now the fastest-growing sport in the nation

for the fifth consecutive year in a row. The sport's adaptability to different surfaces, including

tennis courts and dedicated pickleball courts, further fuels its growth.

The sport is easy to learn, making it inviting for newcomers of all ages. The simple rules and

quick learning curve contribute to a sense of inclusivity, allowing players to enjoy the game

without extensive training.

Pickleball is not just a sport; it's a social activity that fosters community connections. Many

players find the camaraderie on the court as appealing as the game itself. The sport has the

ability to bring people together for friendly matches and tournaments, thus solidifying its place in

community life. Which is why I wanted to tell you about local home communities that actually

offer pickleball courts to their residents.

Here in the CSRA, pickleball is highly revered and a lot of fun! Our weather allows for it to be

enjoyed year round and there are 5 popular subdivisions I know of that have pickleball courts


In Richmond County, Forest Hills and Montclair have dedicated pickleball courts. There are 7

homes for sale combined in these neighborhoods. Prices range from 260K- 499K. I think

Montclair may be the only truly private court located in our area.

In Aiken County, Houndslake Country Club has courts. There are 4 homes for sale, priced at an

average of $160 per square foot. There may also be an additional expense for residents to join

this club.

In Columbia County, you will find them in Windmill Plantation and also Northwood. There are

only 4 homes for sale within these neighborhoods. The smallest home measures just over 2700

square feet. For a few more options here, I want to give honorable mentions to the Columbia

County Racquet Center located off The Pass and Blanchard Woods Park because they are

flanked by residential communities, giving excellent access to the adjacent homes, priced very

affordable for starting homes and bigger budgets alike.

All in all, I have found that the number of locations available to play this all inclusive sport here

in the Augusta area is growing extremely fast. If your community has tennis courts, be prepared

to see them converted, given the surge, it's probably a wise use of the space.

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