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Master's Week Madness. To Stay or Go?

It’s Masters week here in Augusta Georgia! This is the week where a third of the town has left for

spring break, a third has stayed to staff one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world and

the last third are wondering what the heck is going on!

Essentially, living here in Augusta, you have heard about renting your house out

for Masters Week.

Renting can be super exciting and very profitable if you are suited for this task.

Knowing that there are loads of questions that surround this subject, I feel like

this is the perfect day to talk over some of the main points involved with renting.

One big misconception is you need to have event badges or tickets to rent your

home. Surprisingly, you only need a house with in a 30 minute drive to the

Augusta National Golf Course to participate in the madness.

Madness is definitely the best way to describe the frenzy involved in preparing

your home for guests.

You can get a list of “requirements” concerning what to do from the Masters

Housing Bureau located in downtown Augusta. If you use a sports company for

rental services, they may have a requirements list for you as well. A lot of people

have switched to AIRBNB, which also provides recommendations on the “to do’s”

surrounding short term rentals.

Things you can expect to need are extra keys, multiple sets of bed linens for

each bed, extra towels and wash cloths per guest, basic toiletries and a VERY

clean house! Additionally, you may need to provide cleaning services and will

have to give access to your closet, dresser drawers and personal household


While it is a lot of work, I love a deep cleaned and organized home! It will also

give you reason to finish home maintenance tasks or improvements you may

have other wise procrastinated doing.

The money is the biggest draw for renting. And the best part, this money is tax

free income!

Depending on your home size, location and bedroom availability, you should

expect to receive $4,000- $40,000 OR more for a week. You can also rent for

longer now because of the ANWA tournament leading into Masters Week. Who

wouldn’t love a 2 week paid vacation??

Typically, when you rent your home you will receive half the money up front to

prepare. The downside, it’s hard to find a place to go while your home is rented. I

honestly think most people go to Disney or a beach in Florida! Me, I would go

somewhere off the grid to recover from all the work getting ready for renters.

I have rented in the past, but now I fall into the category of staying in town and

not renting, because I don’t really like to share! And this makes it very expensive

and a ton more work than it’s worth to me. Plus, I have some super special pets,

making things even more complicated.

If you want to maximize your experience, but don’t like the idea of strangers in

your bed, work at the event! It’s a great way to make some extra cash and get a

chance to browse the coveted pro shop.

All in all, everyone wins when our little town is honored by the world this week.

Golfer or not, this iconic event is exciting for all who are privileged to be a part in

some small way, and as a local, that’s you!

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