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How to Pack Your House Up Right!

I can hardly believe that it’s December!! Can you believe the whole year is behind us

and 2023 is practically here? While you are wrapping up all those holiday gift packages, I

thought now would be a great time to give you some pointers and tips on the best way you can

present your home for sale.

Here are a few of my go to pointers for helping sellers stage their homes to highlight all

the best features you have, and the best news for you is that these are all FREE!! That’s right,

all of these recommendations will make a big impact on showings of your home and will not cost

you a dime!

The first thing I recommend you do is depersonalize and minimize your decorations and

furniture. Make sure that you don’t have any family pictures, monograms, framed awards, etc.

Remove any and all items displayed on your fridge, all “extra” furniture that is along walls or in

common pathways. I think anything that you are using for extra storage should be cleaned out

and removed. This could be actual furniture or storage accessories. The worst message you

can send to your potential buyers is a lack of storage or space. You want everything to feel and

look simplified, spacious and organized.

The next thing you should do is clean out an declutter EVERY closet, cabinet and

drawer!! I see a ton of homes where the home is “staged” well but once you open a closet,

cover your head! Newsflash, every buyer who looks at your home is going to look in your

cabinets and closets. They should be clean and neat with the very least amount of items stored

in them. Don’t stack 30 cups and 40 containers from top to bottom y’all, or have a million towels

and blankets crammed in a closet. Have the minimum normally needed to survive and PACK

what you can’t live without up and store it in the attic or garage. We should see extra space in

all these areas when you are done. They need to give the illusion you haven’t even used all

your available real estate! DISCLAIMER- This process will likely end in a trip to the goodwill

drop off!

The last thing I recommend you do is deep clean. This is not a standard or normal

cleaning. I want you to wash all your walls, doors and trim. Inside and outside. I want you to

windex every piece of glass, window or mirror you own. I want you to clean behind your stove,

fridge, washer and dryer and EVERY piece of furniture you own. This is the kind of cleaning you

would do if you had a serious OCD disorder and were concerned for your life if anything was left

untouched. If you need a list, I have one I can send you!

For those who are dedicated enough to complete this list before selling your home, I can

promise you it will payoff big and you will be glad you did it! I wish you all the best as you

prepare for the new year, and as always, I offer a complimentary consultation if you need help

making your list of to do’s.

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