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Guarding Against the Growing Threat of Rental Home Fraud

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

guarding against rental fraud

In today's interconnected digital age, renting a home has become mostly web-driven. This has left space for a new menace to emerge, threatening the dreams and financial stability of consumers: rental home fraud. As the housing market evolves, so do the tactics of unscrupulous individuals seeking to exploit unsuspecting renters.

The convenience of online transactions has been a good thing for most of us. Prospective renters can peruse listings, virtually tour properties, communicate with landlords or property managers, sign a lease, and pay the deposit without ever stepping foot into the home. Renters are now competing with customers all over the world and are experiencing new challenges to finding affordable and available housing. The process of finding a rental home with just a few clicks may have added an unexpected level of concern for some renters.

This digital evolution has given rise to new vulnerabilities, as tech-savvy fraudsters exploit your challenges for personal gain. Fraudulent rental listings often appear genuine, featuring enticing descriptions, lower than average rental pricing, appealing images, and plausible terms. These scams could be phantom properties, which are homes that don't actually exist, or hijacked listings of legitimate properties. In most cases, fraudsters pose as property owners, requesting upfront payments or personal information under false pretenses. As a result, unsuspecting renters may find themselves duped into losing their hard-earned money or falling victim to identity theft.

Since managing rentals makes up half of my business, I wanted to share some red flags and defensive measures you can use to safeguard yourself from falling victim to rental fraud.

Scrutinize Listings: Exercise caution when browsing rental listings. Be wary of unusually low prices, listings that lack contact information, or requests for personal or financial information upfront. When you find a home listed for rent, Google the address and confirm that other online listings match what you have discovered.

Verify Ownership: Before engaging in any transactions, verify the legitimacy of the property owner or manager. Cross-reference contact details with official records and platforms. If the property is listed with a reputable property manager, they will have very clear and accessible contact information displayed online.

In-Person Inspections: Whenever possible, conduct in-person inspections of the property. Be cautious of landlords who avoid face-to-face meetings or who provide excuses for not allowing a physical visit. Also, bear in mind that companies that use self-guided showing boxes for property access are at greater risk of being

hacked by scammers.

Secure Payment Channels: Use secure payment methods and avoid making large upfront payments or wiring money. Legitimate property managers or landlords typically do not accept cash payments of any kind. Make payments using a credit or debit card through reputable platforms to protect your funds. If you do inadvertently get scammed, it will be easier to recoup your money.

Trust Your Instincts: If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and don't succumb to pressure or urgent demands. I always recommend clients take time to process and think through every decision, ideally overnight.

As a consumer, I want to encourage you to remain vigilant, report suspicious activity, and contribute to the collective effort to create a safer housing landscape. By staying informed, practicing caution, and demanding transparency, renters can help disrupt the operations of fraudulent individuals and protect themselves from falling victim to rental home scams.

The risk of rental home fraud serves as a stark reminder that even as we embrace progress, we must remember to apply wisdom and knowledge to make safe choices. My best advice will point you back to having a local realtor you can bounce your thoughts off of. We are just a phone call away and will always be your best advocate for anything regarding your housing needs.

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