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Family Will Impact Your Decision!

I have to admit that I love football and I am so excited for this week. I am hoping that

this is the year my team, the Atlanta Falcons, pull together with our amazing coaching

staff and players to win big! The pre season showed great promise for this years season

so I am hoping for a win at Sundays game against the Saints.

Football season reminds me of why so many people come back to Augusta if they have

the chance.

Over the years I have found that a persons family experiences, positive or negative will

impact their decision about where they live and what they will buy.

Have you ever found yourself fixating on some feature or feeling you have to find in a

home? I know that I have only bought homes that are in a community adjacent to the

public school.

We are often un aware of how powerful past experiences are driving our choices.

I grew up as an Army Brat and always lived on base and walked to school.

This is why I like homes near schools and also why if you have had a bad experience

with buying or renting, you probably have a hard time trusting anyone in the real estate

field automatically.

Once I had a buyer who would not look at any home with board and batten siding. She

said it reminded her of her neighborhood as a child, she was raised in subsidized


A few years ago a past neighbor of mine moved back after being relocated by the Army.

It was no surprise to me that they wanted to come back to the same exact

neighborhood. Often people have to leave our area for job relocation and when given

the opportunity to come back, will choose this community again. I’ve found that a lot of

military will even choose to retire here. My family is a perfect example of this. We are

now officially “from Augusta” leaving the family ties of North Carolina and Colorado


The golden rule of Real Estate will always be location. Augusta is situated very well

geographically. I can be in Atlanta every Sunday for the Falcon’s home games, you

could spend the day in the mountains or at the beach, or even go to Charlotte and ride

some rides at Carowinds and be back for dinner!

The bottom line is, we live in a great city, and are blessed with some awesome home

options. Don’t take it for granted, get out and make sure you own a little piece of

Augusta! Now is still a great time to buy a home, I promise.

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