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Christmas At Home

Finding ways to create holiday fun and games are some of my favorite things to

do at Christmas. As a parent of only adult kids, it looks different than it did when

they were younger.

Since you still have a few days left to make some Christmas memories, I thought

I’d share a few ideas we find fun!

First off, we are a very competitive family! So we like to make sure there are

winners and of course losers! Losers get nothing, but we give good prizes to the


In case you were wondering, cash is king when you are playing games with

adults! Not unlike the real estate market, money talks… it’s a universal language.

We like to decorate gingerbread homes, the crazier the better! Consider creating

a theme for your challenge. Maybe the house the HOA hates, or a house the

Grinch would live in! Spice it up and do something fun and outside the norm. We

vote on the winner anonymously. This works for us because we have a large

crowd when we are together, but I’ve seen smaller families post pictures on

social media and ask for likes to decide.

This year we are shaking things up and decorating gingerbread people! I’m

excited because it’s new, but it was an economical choice! Costco had a great

deal on some big ones, so being flexible and thinking ahead helps with the

budget. I always have extra candy and icing on hand because those kits never

have what you need to be creative!

Another family favorite is doing a scavenger hunt! This has become one of our

best events and it would be fun to do with extended family or friends as well.

Each team presents a video or photo slide show on Christmas Day. To determine

the winner, each item you find is worth already identified points! This is

something you can put together yourself so it wouldn’t cost a penny to create.

Now prizes are another story!

You could even do a “pool” of money for prizes and make it entire families

against each other! The opportunities are endless, but it will surely put you in the

mood for Christmas when you are 55 and need a picture with a live Santa to win!

These are just a few things that I know will bring joy to your holiday games! The

closest families find ways to have fun together and make it a priority to be

intentional with their time.

Christmas represents the greatest gift ever given, Jesus Christ. This gift was

given to create a bridge for us to be united forever to God, our Heavenly Father!

Family is what matters most to God, and I just want to encourage you to find a

way to make it the most important Christmas experience for your home this


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